When Art Goes Bad

The Perils Of Keeping It Real. I finished the line work and was tearing it off the Arches watercolor 30 page pad when it ripped due to the adhesive on the pad being way too adhesive. Thank goodness I wasn't happy with the illustration and redid another one. Sometimes when creating art the old school way, unforeseen mishaps may happen, like a tear in the paper or an ink blob from the pen. Whatever form it may manifest as, you have to overcome the overwhelming urge to hurl and move on to fix the problem or as in this case start over. Working analog is not as forgiving as working digital...no command Z. Will post the finished art after I apply the watercolors to it. This illustration will be available as a giclee print soon...stay tuned.

Opening Night For "Bytes And Bits:The Art Of The Video Game".

Saturday night was a big success with the ZaPow galleries reception for the show Bytes and Bits. The gallery had a night of record sales and I sold some of my prints. The big framed print "Head Games" sold and is no longer in the show...sweeeet!!! What made it even more special was my friends coming out to support me...we had a blast...that was so awesome!!! Afterwards some of us went to the Lex 18 Moonshine bar to celebrate with some good ole Asheville moonshine. My only regret is that I wish I would have taken more pics from around the gallery and my piece "Head Games" on the wall before it sold. That was my first gallery reception opening so I know better now for the next time.

Video Game Theme Illustration for Gallery Show At ZaPow Gallery

The show Bytes And Bits: The Art Of The Video Game, opens April 5 at the ZaPow Gallery in Asheville NC. Here is my submission for the show titled "Head Games". The theme for the show was to create an illustration that represented something to do with classic arcade video games. I wanted to create a conceptual image that represented  early 80's video gaming. Prints for this image will be for sale here at www.fian.com soon. Any thoughts about the image?


Art Prints To Get Ready For Gallery

Here's a sneek peek at giclee prints of my art that will be getting framed for my space in the Zapow Gallery in Asheville, NC. I've got some prints of my digital humorous illustration work as well as prints of my pen and ink and watercolor monster characters for my "Field Study" collection. I will be getting the framed work and prints to sell into the gallery this week. I'm really excited about this new road in my career.

Fian Arroyo Art In Australia

Board games I did art for for MindtwisterUSA are now infiltrating the land down under. Trinity sports has picked up Skateboard Madness to distribute in Australia...sweeeeet!!!