"I have worked with Fian for a long time. He is and has always been a remarkable illustrator. Fian uses a variety of styles which has also been a big plus for us. Often our projects require last minute changes from clients and Fian has always been great at working these in. He is easy to work with as well as being great at what he does. I plan on using Fian for many more years to come."

Jeff Dinardo

Dinardo Design in Boston,MA.

"I had the delight and honor to work with Fian recently. What an amazing talent! His illustrations were spot-on fantastic. My client was head-over-heals with his work, which made my job as Creative Director so easy. Not only does he provide wonderful work, but does so with a bright and easy-going personality. Truly one of the best illustrators that I have worked with in my career. I give Fian my very highest recommendation."

Chip Grogg

Creative Director at MSI in Chicago, IL.


"Fian came as a recommendation from a fellow illustrator; I couldn't have been happier with the suggestion. For what we needed, I can't imagine a better a fit. Fian is extremely talented and familiar with the sometimes-difficult client process. I would highly recommend Fian as a flexible, easy-to-work-with Illustrator for any agency that requires a little outside help."

Marcee Pauff

Creative Director at MJS Advertising in West Palm Beach, FL.


"I have had the pleasure to work with Fian on a number of Elementary titles over the course of the last 2 years. Fian is an incredibly talented artist. Not only does his illustration style fit exactly what we look for in Elementary, his technique is aesthetically impeccable. He can easily adapt to fit any age-appropriate need and would do well with any of the McGraw-Hill titles.

Fian consistently provides artwork ahead of schedule, the quality is flawless (even at the sketch stage), and understands the key to our success is asking the right questions from the start. Fian delivers (even when direction changes), is proactive, and the best in the business.

I would recommend Fian for any illustration gig and hope to be lucky enough to continue working with him on upcoming projects."

Angie Redmond

Marketing/Brand Designer at McGraw-Hill, Shop Manager at Long Street Collective in Columbus, OH.


"I have known and worked with Fian Arroyo Illustration for years. He is a PRO! When it comes to creating exceptional original concepts, or understanding and translating others already developed concepts... Fian is quick on the draw. Also, ON time and ON budget. His final product is magnifique! What advertising agency or client direct wouldn't want to work with such a creative mind, and a wonderful guy to boot! "

Joan Flavell

Owner | Creative Director at Madog Grafix Visual Communications in Minneapolis, MN.


"Having worked with Fian on multiple book projects, I’ve commissioned tons of illustrations from him. He is great to work with: creative, talented, personable, and always professional. Whether the assignment has a tight spec or a more open-ended spec, Fian always delivers a great illustration. And he always asks good questions to make sure that he fully understands what I was looking for—which saves time in the long run. Additionally, his multiple styles (from humorous to semi-realistic) and ability to work in both Painter/Photoshop and Illustrator made him the go-to guy when I had various types of illustrations to commission. I highly recommend him."

Jeremy Spiegel

Graphic Designer/Illustrator in Boston MA.


"If you want to have an outstanding fun illustration that's on your desk on time ... it's simple ... HIRE Fian!

Fian is creative and quick and he adds little details in his work that will happily surprise you. He follows direction well and brings his own ideas to the table with a conversation that flows easily. He gives you everything you expect and more. And he's got a great sense of humor so he also makes your work day more enjoyable too. It's been great working with him over the years. He's an illustrator you will keep at the top of your contact list, and you will reach for his number time after time knowing you will have worry-free outstanding results."

Eileen Haritonides

Art Director at the time at Thomson Financial in NYC, NY.


"Not every artist is as careful as Fian at keeping a high profile in a fickle industry with a short memory. He's promoted himself consistently and repeatedly in industry venues such as Directory of Illustration, the Black Book, American Showcase, and RSVP.

And he's done a great job of keeping his hand on the pulse of the mainstream commercial art tastes; his portfolio always has the feel of work that is absolutely usable. No flaky art weirdness here!

Fian's also easy to work with. I've never felt any prima donna attitude in my dealings with him all these years. He's a total pro."

Dave Tabler

Editor at Appalachian History


"Fian is the most talented artist I've met so far in my career. From a quick glace at his portfolio, you'll understand why. What you cannot see from his portfolio (and what's most remarkable) is the creative process behind his illustrations. Time and time again, Fian has taken a raw concept or idea in my mind and brought it to life (and it consistently looks bigger and better than I imagined). Finally, he's a great person with a lot of character. I really look forward to continuing to work with Fian in the future."

Michael Markarian

VP of Sales at Contempo Card Company in Providence, RI.


"I had the privilege of working with Fian Arroyo on two children's books that I wrote entitled, PIE-RITS: A Pirate Adventure and Eville, USA. Fian has a fantastic imagination and the kind of creativity, and genius that all writers desire for their stories. Before getting started, Fian thoughtfully asked me questions regarding my expectations and vision. He not only honored and respected my vision all the way through the process, he enhanced it with his artistry, humor, and phenomenal talent. The best part of my day was receiving an image from Fian. His illustrations lit up my computer monitor, leaving me dazzled. PIE-RITs rose all the way to #1 on Amazon's bestsellers in color children's picture books. Take a look and you'll see why. I would work with Fian again in a heartbeat."

Julia Dweck

Children's Book Author