Toyfair 2012 and

Just got back last week from Toyfair in NYC. I attended as a guest of MindtwisterUSA to help promote and sign autographs, for the games I did artwork for last year, Skateboard Madness and Fandooble. It was an amazing time, hanging with the Mindtwister family and checking out all the new products coming out this year. Got to pitch some ideas for a new product line and got a great response. So great, that i will be starting on that real soon partnering up with Jesse DenHerder Design. The only bummer was that I caught a chest cold while up there and am still trying to shake it...UGH!

Below is a pic of me at Toyfair next to an Incredible Hulk made out of Legos....I think I could take him on. Just one out of a ton of really cool things to check out at Toyfair.