New iphone app Alien Eye with art created by Fian Arroyo

Hey folks, check out the new iphone app Alien Eye that just came out. Its a FREE, fun, simple and educational app for kids with illustrations done by yours truly...Fian Arroyo. Check it out for yourself at:

Below is a screen shot from the Apple app store online with a description of the app Alien Eye.

It was a joint venture between Top Floor Studios (the folks who created the app itself), The Health and Science Museum in Asheville,NC (who it was created for) and Fian Arroyo Illustration,Inc. (who did all the illustrations).

I am in the process of finishing up two character development projects, one a character design of the mascot for the Mexican soccer team Chivas for Miller Lite. Another is a cute mouse character for car dealerships in California. I will post sketches and final art soon when I get clearance from my clients.

Back to the drawing board...deadlines are a calling.