Dice Game box cover art

Happy New Year! This my first post of the new year. This illustration was done back before Christmas but it has been too busy to post it sooner. Its actually the entire layout with final art for the box cover. Also posted it to my Facebook fan page. It was done for the dice game Fandooble which should be in stores this spring...cool! What a treat to work on a fantasy piece like this with stylized characters I created. I used to love drawing Lord Of The Rings type stuff like this back when I was a kid, before computers, internet...MTV :-) I love the tag line: The only thing more fun than stealing gold from a Dragon...is stealing it from your friends! I was given free reign to do what I wanted, character wise and composition wise and with no revisions at all....totally awesome experience! Love how I was given name credit nice and big on the side panel where the bar code is.

Just wondering if I can steal away this week to play hooky and go snowboarding :-)