Artwork Accepted Into GenCon 2016 Art Show and Infected By Art Book

I started my weekend off on Friday with a double shot of good news. The first was I got accepted to sell my art at Gen Con in Indianapolis in August. Gen Con is one the largest conventions in the country for all things gaming and fantasy. The second shot was that "Gentle Whisper of an Ancient Voice" was accepted into the juried awards book for fantasy art called "Infected By Art" which will be available later this year. I am feeling very honored and blessed to have been chosen to be included among some great art and artists.

Dragon art progression by Fian Arroyo

Check out the creative progression, from rough sketch to final art, of this dragon I created for a client recently. Art is to be produced on stickers, big wall stickers, magnets etc. One of a series of illustrations of dragons, monster skateboarders and football players. It was a blast going back to my fantasy art roots. Click on the thumbnail and check it out.

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