University Mascot Character Design

Recently I was commissioned by Turkel Advertising in Miami, Florida to do a character design for Barry University. They needed a redesign for their parrot buccaneer mascot Bucky.

The first step was to draw sketches of numerous different pirate parrots, in Corel Painter using my Wacom Intous 4 tablet, to narrow down the direction we wanted to focus on.

After that was completed, finding the right combination of clothing, hat and what the character was going to be holding in his hands was the next step.

The next step was to create various color comps in Photoshop to get the colors right before going to final art. When we had what the character was going to look like wired, I went to final art and completed Bucky in Adobe Illustrator.

I also created color comps of Bucky for a costume design company to use as a guide in making a mascot costume.

Check out the final art along with 3 of the many ideas created in the process.

Lemme know what ya think.