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Fian Arroyo Illustration at Gen Con 2014

Finally decompressed after an amazing 5 days in Indianapolis attending the Gen Con gaming convention with the game company Mindtwister. I sold a lot of prints, signed a ton of Mindtwister games my art is on, made some great contacts for possible future work and had an amazing time enjoying what Indy had to offer. Here are some highlights of my trip.

My booth with MindtwisterUSA.

Behind the scenes.

Workin' Gen Con selling prints.

Doodling behind the scenes between selling prints and signing Mindtwister games.

Yard decor?

The crowd waiting to get in. Over 50,000 people attended.

Small corner of the universe called Gen Con.

Dr. Who robots in my hotel lobby.

typical Gen con eye candy.

This motley crew posed on the spot for me.

ZaPow Gallery Podcast Interview With Fian Arroyo: Spaghetti-O eyebrows

I was Interviewed in a podcast this past weekend for the ZaPows Art galleries series "Illustration and a Beer" Episode 30 "Spaghetti-O eyebrows". It was a fun interview. I can't believe I brought up my Spaghetti-O eyebrows incident. This fun interview covers my illustration career, why we moved to Asheville NC from Miami, Florida, my work in the ZaPow gallery and of course Spaghetti-O Eyebrows and more. Check it out here

Hindsight is 20/20...i should have taken a pic of the interview.

Opening Night For "Bytes And Bits:The Art Of The Video Game".

Saturday night was a big success with the ZaPow galleries reception for the show Bytes and Bits. The gallery had a night of record sales and I sold some of my prints. The big framed print "Head Games" sold and is no longer in the show...sweeeet!!! What made it even more special was my friends coming out to support me...we had a blast...that was so awesome!!! Afterwards some of us went to the Lex 18 Moonshine bar to celebrate with some good ole Asheville moonshine. My only regret is that I wish I would have taken more pics from around the gallery and my piece "Head Games" on the wall before it sold. That was my first gallery reception opening so I know better now for the next time. Click on the pics below to go through each one...thanx!