cartoon bugs

Bloodsuckers bug final art

Finally getting a chance to post the final art for my bloodsuckers illustration which I completed about a week and a half ago. It was a real fun project for me to do, I just love drawing bugs, creatures and monsters... anything with a big mouth and sharp teeth. Got some creatures for me to draw? Bring 'em on!

I am in the process now of creating a storefront to sell "the goods" with my artwork on them. Just putting together images and getting ideas for new ones to get some awesome product out there. I've been bouncing back and forth with who I would use whether its Zazzle or CafePress and I think the winner for now is Zazzle. There will opportunities to win free stay tuned!


Bloodsuckers bug sketch

Heres a pencil sketch of some bloodsucking pests (nooo its not about the IRS) I am doing for the great folks at Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine. The article is about pests such as mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, horse flies, deerflies and all the other garden variety pains in the butt that can make camping or any other outdoor activity that much more pleasurable. :-) Should be done with the final art later this week....stay tuned.