cartoon dogs

More children's book illustrations for "Best In Show".

I have been such a bad blogger that I just wanna slap myself. Summer is tough, working on my deadlines, dealing with kids out of school and the occasional quick 4 day vacation peppered throughout the summer. So keeping up on a regular basis is a toughy at times...thats my excuse for now...gotta think of other ones for the rest of the year :-) I still want (and will) post videos of my working process just gotta get around to it.

But here are a few more final art pieces for the book I completed 2 weeks ago for Red Chair Press. The folks there at Red Chair are so easy to work with and really let me have alot of creative freedom with this book....wish it was always that easy! Since the loss of my own dog a year ago, this project has made me think about getting another dog. I had the worlds greatest and smartest dog, an Australian cattle dog named Sydney...its going to be tough replacing her.

There are more so let me know if ya wanna see them. Let me know which ones you think I should post to my portfolio page on the site.