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Eville,USA Book trailer

Hey folks! Eville,USA written by the talented Julia Dweck and drawn by Fian Arroyo is out now on Amazon.com just in time for Halloween! Check out the book trailer here.

Have you ever wondered where monsters, zombies, and villains go on holiday? Once a year, they meet in a town called, Eville, U.S.A. You’ve never heard of it? Well, most humans haven’t. Being a monster is exhausting work. You spend long hours, plotting, planning, and lurking. Down in Eville, U.S.A., monsters of all shapes and sizes meet to take a break and relax. Join them on holiday. You’ll have a monstrously good time!

Pick up a copy today here.

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Dog Show sketches for Red Chair Press

Ok Folks, here is the first of some rough sketches for a childrens book I am doing for Red Chair Press. These are just a few of them and I will post the final color versions when they are done. I've got some other final art to post from another client as soon as I get the thumbs up from them. Lemme know what ya think!