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Board games with Fian Arroyo art on top 10 list

Check out this website in Chicago where they ranked Skateboard Madness and Fandooble (the two board games I did illustrations and character designs for, that came out this year) as being in the top 5 family board games for 2011. AWESOME! Check them out and see for yourself!  http://www.timeoutchicagokids.com/indoor-outdoor-play/indoor-play/75739/our-favorite-new-board-card-and-dice-games-of-2011

Viking cartoon for logo art

Still waiting for the OK from my clients on a few finished projects I can post. Its still top secret area 51 type stuff and if I break the silence before an OK I could get abducted by guys in black suits and cars and be forced to listen to Justin Bieber non-stop 24-7 in some non disclosed location, I wouldn't last long...I'd snap like a twig. In the mean time, here's a humorous cartoon illustration done for a logo for a real estate company in the Canary Islands. They wanted a Viking character design because alot of Norse people buy property there...waddayathink?

Halloween illustrations

Wanna see what you folks think. On the left is a promo illustration I did a couple years ago I did with a Halloween theme...worked really well for me. On the right is a humorous illustration I did for my friend Vickie's Monsters of Rock Halloween party, which is totally gonna rock, I have to say. Lemme know if you think Frankie jammin' would be a good promo to send out.
Talk amongst yourselves and get back with me....thanx!