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Fian Creates Illustration For Line Of Puzzles

I recently created artowork for a line of puzzles based on the game Skateboard Madness (which I created the character designs and illustrations for). It started out as a regular beach scene with the characters but then as it evolved, I turned it into placing as many out of place images I could think of and turned it into a "guess what doesn't belong in this picture" puzzle. The client loved it! Waddayathink?

Click on image to enlarge...thanx! 


Fian's art in Australia

Here's a couple pics of pro skateboarder Mike Owen riding his signature model for H-Street in which I did the illustration for. Pretty cool to see my illustration in the land down under where Mike was at when the photo to the right was taken at Bondi Beach in Australia. Click on the thumbnail and check it out. Gnarley!!!

Fian Arroyo Collection at NYC Toyfair

Checkout the display that is at Toyfair at the Paper House booth showcasing The Fian Arroyo Collection. The collection has stickers, magnets , wall stickers and electronics stickers with my illustrations on them. Pretty sweet! Thanx to my buddy Jesse Den Herder for the pix!

Click on image to enlarge....thanx!