eagle line work illustration

Fian Arroyo art on H-Street skateboard

Mike Owen at a skateboard signing, signing his H-Street signature model with the artwork I did for it last year. Always cool to see my illustrations on the end product. Gave it that regal eagle look, a slight departure from what I usually illustrate. That was such a fun piece to work on, especially when I am so passionate about skateboarding myself.

Click on the image and check it out.


Illustration for a skateboard

Below is a new illustration I drew up for H-street skateboards. Its the model for one their riders Mike Owen. They wanted a regal kind of look with an image that looks like something between the American eagle and German eagle. Its not my typical humorous style but a little more realistic, kind of like the scratchboard illustrations I used to do. I can't wait to see the final product on the skateboard and on t-shirts. When I get them in I'll be sure to post pics up here on Fian Arroyo Illustration.

I should be finishing up the Panda art for Grind For Life, from my previous post, this week. Finally have a little time to fit that in. I'll post it up when I do.

One of the several things I have on the drawing board right now, is a children's book for the ipad. Working with a very talented and driven writer named Julia Dweck. After this book we have another that we are going to work on. I will post something from this project next week....I promise!