skateboard illustration

Fian Arroyo art on H-Street skateboard

Mike Owen at a skateboard signing, signing his H-Street signature model with the artwork I did for it last year. Always cool to see my illustrations on the end product. Gave it that regal eagle look, a slight departure from what I usually illustrate. That was such a fun piece to work on, especially when I am so passionate about skateboarding myself.

Click on the image and check it out.


News update for

Been really busy the last few months working on projects that I can't post artwork up yet. One is an art licensing project involving creating character designs and mascot development for a line of children's supplements. They are fantasy characters like a knight, dragon, wizard etc. that will be on the product labels and merchandising. Should be 12-13 characters in all...a super fun project and great client to work with! I will give out more updates and art work sneek peeks (if possible) later as the project progresses. Another art licensing/character development opportunity is with a line of fantasy/sci-fi characters that were created for a trading card strategy game a few years back. My partners, on this business venture, and I are in negotiations right now with a toy/game company working out the details. If all goes well, we will be at Toyfair in Februrary 2012 showcasing the new game. Check out the second to the last image on the mascots portfolio to see some of the characters in the game.

In the meantime, check out the artwork I did not too long ago for a skateboard deck. A real fun piece to do in Adobe Illustrator. Still waiting for my additional samples to come in...don't really want to ride and trash a sample if I don't have one as a backup to use as a wall hanger.

Now back to the drawing board...