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Fantasy Dragon Art Print Available For Sale

"Grabbing A Quick Bite". New fine art giclee print that is available now in my Etsy store. I took an existing image from the Fian Arroyo Licensing Collection and added a background to create this fantasy print. It's like this knight was out for a Sunday ride on his steed when all of a sudden he gets swooped up by this dragon who is looking for a quick bite to eat....bummer! :-)

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Lemme know what you think. Comments are always welcome!

Fian Arroyo Collection showcased at Toyfair in NYC 2013

The Fian Arroyo Collection, artwork produced on big wall stickers,stickers, electronic stickers, magnets and more, will be showcased in NYC at Toyfair next week from Feb.1- thru the 14th. The products are being produced and distributed by Paper House. The display at Toyfair is supposed to look awesome...can't wait to see the pics. The products should be out this year. Below is the packaging for the big wall stickers. Click on the thumbnail and check it out.

Dragon art progression by Fian Arroyo

Check out the creative progression, from rough sketch to final art, of this dragon I created for a client recently. Art is to be produced on stickers, big wall stickers, magnets etc. One of a series of illustrations of dragons, monster skateboarders and football players. It was a blast going back to my fantasy art roots. Click on the thumbnail and check it out.

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